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To submit nominations for the 2019 awards, click below:

Nominations are due by January 31, 2019There are specific qualifications for each award (see nomination form), and...

  • Alumni cannot nominate themselves, nor be nominated by their spouses.
  • Once an alumnus/na has received one of these awards, he/she cannot be nominated again. Scroll down to see lists of previous recipients.
  • Give complete information to the questions as this will give the Alumni Council a chance to really get to know the candidates for the awards. Expanding upon the question and giving specific examples are helpful.

For Alumnus/na of the Year (graduated in 2008 or earlier)

For Distinguished Young Alumnus/na of the Year (graduated in 2009 or later)


Eastern University Award Recipients

The Alumni Council of Eastern University gives annual awards for Alumnus/na of the Year, Distinguished Young Alumnus/na of the Year, and The Lamplight Society. They are awarded at the Alumni Brunch during Homecoming and Family Weekend the second Saturday of October.

If you are intersted in the Hall of Honor Inductees that the EU Athletic Department recognizes, click here.

Recipients of the Alumnus/na of the Year Award

The Alumnus/a of the Year is nominated by their fellow alumni and are selected for the award based on the following criteria: (a) they have earned a degree from Eastern University; (b) they have been a graduate of the university for a minimum of 10 years; (c) they are capable and have made achievements in the career of their choice; (d) they have made contributions to their community; and (e) they continue to show interest in the university.

1961 John Ruth '56
1962 Ronald Schlosser '56, MRE '59
1963 Thomas Ritter '59
1964 C. Herbert Carey '59
1966 Gloria (Pierce) Marshall '60
1967 Norman R. DePuy '53, BD '56, DD '88
1968 Anthony Campolo '56, BD '60, THM '61
1969 Oscar Remick '54
1970 Arthur Reedie, Jr. '55
1971 Joseph Tatta '55
1972 Charles H. Blum '66
1973 Malva Quinlan '67
1976 Richard Rusbuldt Sr. '51
1978 F. Ardell '63 and Peg (Parker) Thomas '63
1979 Elizabeth (Eastman) Fetter '70
1980 Philip Jenks '71
1981 William A. Zulker '53, DMin '78
1982 Dorcas (Diaz) Shaner '58, MRE '61
1983 Stephen Heneise '70
1985 Ronald McGinnis '60
1986 Paul Bolster '66
1993 William Eberwein Sr. '68
1994 Edward Warner '58, MRE '60
Lorna (Bixby) Hansen '64
1996 David Bradstreet '76
1997 Bryan Stevenson '81
1998 Robert Plimpton '63
1999 F. Ardell '63 and Peg (Parker) Thomas '63
2001 Bettie Ann (Morse) Brigham '74
2003 Stanley Nodder '53
2004 Danny Cortes '83, MDiv '87
2005 W. Donald Gough '67
2006 Mel Bwint '83
2007 W. Douglass Willey '55
2008 John Pipe '58
2009 Douglas Mastriano '86
2010   Carol (Hill) Tatta '58
2011 Shane Claiborne '97
2012 Donna (Gillenardo) Duffy '83
2013 Emilio Marrero Jr. '82, MDiv '85
2014 Darla (Spence) Coffey '83
2015 Raymond Garcia '00, MDiv '07
2016 Stanley A. Murray '71, MDiv '79
2017 Howard Stevenson '80
2018 Justin Piff '02


Recipients of the Distinguished Young Alumnus/na Award

The award recognizes an alumni/ae who has graduated from Eastern University within the past 10 years for significant contribution to church, vocation, community, and/or Eastern University.  The Distinguished Young Alumni award honors a younger alum who embodies Christian values in their work and personal life and recognizes those who are outstanding leaders in their vocation and community, and shows promise of future professional growth.  This award recognizes an alumni/ae whose life faithfully exemplifies Christ and the mission of Eastern as demonstrated by acknowledged professional accomplishments, personal character, integrity, and a strong commitment to the Lord.

2013 David Walker '09
2014 Ian Snyder '04
2015 Rebecca Blake '06
2016 Thomas McGrady Jr. '10
2017 Brisa DeAngulo '07
2018 Lara (Wilson) Owlett '09, MEd '13


The Lamplight Society

The Lamplight Society was established in 2002 to commemorate Eastern University's 50th anniversary. The Society serves to honor those who have "shined the light" by making significant contributions to the life of Eastern University and have left an indelible print on the campus community. These contributions might have been in academics, athletics, student life, religious life, the Alumni Association, or in community service. The award honors alumni, faculty, staff, and administration and the contributions they made while they were at Eastern.


David Bradstreet '76
Bettie Ann (Morse) Brigham '74

Anthony Campolo '56, BD '60, THM '61
George Claghorn BD '44
Harold Howard
J. Wesley Ingles
Jean (Bartholomew) Kim '61
Elizabeth (Hulseman) Morgan '65
Joseph Tatta '55
Edward Warner '58, MRE '60
Betty Jane Webber
Amelia (Burgess) Yardbrough '61
William Zulker '53, DMin '78

2003 Ronald Schlosser '56, MRE '59
2004 John Ruth '56
Carol (Hill) Tatta '58
2007 Lee Allen
Wayne Bickford '90
Frederick Boehlke BD '52
2008 Caroline Cherry
Edward Kuhlmann
2009 Christopher Hall
Derek Ritchie '89, MBA '07
2010 Nancy (Scheuer) Hill '87, MA '01
Helen Loeb
2011 David Black
2012 Joseph Modica
Theodore Chamberlain
2013 Ronald Matthews
2014 Diana S.H. Bacci MBA '84
2015 Alberto Socci
2016 David T. Nicol '70
2017 Harry Gutelius
2018 Thomas Ridington '78, MA '81




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