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Beth Birmingham

Beth Birmingham MBA ‘00 is an alumna of Eastern University’s Economic Development MBA program and a professor in the School of Leadership and Development. She’s organized this climb out of her deep love for Africa and its people and for the privilege of walking alongside some of Africa’s amazing leaders the last 15 years through Eastern’s education programs on the continent. Viva Africa!! For more information about the climb or the Reaching Peaks for African Leaders scholarship fund, contact Beth at



Stephanie Nitschke

Stephanie Nitschke is in the final stages of completing an M.A. in International Development for the Eastern School of Leadership and Development. She is currently living in Uganda and working with Samaritan's Purse. The opportunity to study along professionals living and working in various parts of the world has been a privilege she is extremely grateful for. Stephanie is excited to be able to contribute to the education of more African leaders, and hopes to see a greater representation of leaders from Africa come through the program.






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