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Emmanuel Mensah-Ackman, Senior Pastor, Abiding Word Church, Ghana

During my tenure with Habitat for Humanity Ghana, Eastern University’s Pathways program gave me an excellent opportunity to study for a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. This transformational and very important course immensely impacted my professional and personal life. Undeniably my spiritual and professional growth could be directly attributed to learning from the program. Today as a father, husband, senior pastor of a growing church, and an education specialist working in development, my key accomplishments have been in the area of promoting sustainable development in deprived communities, training church leaders in transformational leadership, and becoming a better father and husband. (I am sure my wife can attest to this!)




  Lloyd Williams, GOLD, South Africa

The Eastern University LORG Program encouraged me to reassess my values, beliefs and worldview regarding Christian Organizational Leadership. It forced me to start a journey of rediscovery in search of greater practical effectiveness that I hope will lead to greater organizational influence. The program's structure and format has provided me with the opportunity to interact with innovative leaders who are working on cutting edge leadership and development projects in the world. The experience over the last year has reinforced my passion to lessen the plight of the poor and create a new picture of leadership in Africa. The Program has given me the foundation upon which to build a strong leadership development practice through the balance of courses offered focusing on theory and its application in contextually relevant praxis. I am inspired to be a leader who follows and a follower who leads, with a desire to live the posture of servant leadership, and not just speak about it.



 Greg Smerdon, Senior Pastor, God's Family Life Centre, South Africa

The Eastern University MA in Organizational leadership is one of the best MA courses currently available to quip a leader to effectively lead a learning, growing organization. My life is a testimony to back this up. After completing the program, I was offered the opportunity to lead African Enterprise (AE), a Christian organization that has played a leading role in influencing the nation of South Africa through leadership development, evangelism, and many other spheres including serving as a prophetic voice during the struggle against apartheid.

I took on the reigns of leadership in fear and trepidation when the organization needed stabilizing and my learning at Eastern regarding Servant Leadership, Human Resource Management, Fundraising and Financial Management, to name a few, helped me introduce the concepts of servant hood, stewarding both human and financial resources, and the role of relationships with those you lead and those that come alongside you (donors, others) as an essential part of Christian service.

Donne Cameron MA '07, INGO Habitat for Humanity

Leadership is both Africa's greatest crisis and its greatest opportunity. Developing ethical, service-oriented leaders to influence civil society, government, and churches is the key to developing a continent that meets the challenges of all its peoples. I have worked for INGO Habitat for Humanity for the past twelve years, mostly in Africa. In 2007, I graduated from the Pathways to Leadership program offered by Eastern University. This program was a turning point in my understanding and practice of leadership, giving me the framework to become a values-based, Christ-centered and effective servant leader. I use what I learned in this program every day in the work I do to impact the lives of the people I lead and the lives of those we serve across Africa. The more students who could benefit from this program and use it in service across our continent, the better Africa's chances are of getting it right into the future. I highly commend Eastern's program and strongly encourage every effort to grow its influence and reach.

Lisa Marie Nickerson MA '08, Associate Director, Women Build Department, Habitat for Humanity International

Being a part of the African cohort was a life changing experience, for which I will be forever grateful. As a westerner who works at an international non-profit organization, it was important to me to study alongside classmates who are living and working in Africa. My learning from Eastern University's curriculum and from the first-hand experience of my classmates was invaluable.

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