PhD in Organizational Leadership

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The Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership exists to equip leaders in business, educational, and nonprofit sectors through interdisciplinary studies and original research to effectively engage in the transformation of their organizations, communities, and society as practitioners and scholars. With this mission in mind, the Organizational Leadership program prepares its students to embrace the four different aspects of the transformational leader, including:

The Centered Leader — For the transformational leader, Christ is the center from which moral and ethical leadership stems. The transformational leader is characterized by depth and integrity, a strong sense of right and wrong, and a willingness to make decisions based on moral principles.
The Servant Leader — A transformational leader empowers others to use their gifts for the good of the team, organization, or department.

The Learning Leader — Assuming the posture of a learner to understand history and context, and recognizing the need for adaptive leadership, the transformational leader is comfortable navigating the ambiguities that are inherent in many leadership situations.

The Visionary Leader — A transformational leader creates a positive alternative vision of the future and brings creativity to the journey.

Goals and Philosophy:

  • 1. Synthesize organizational leadership theory with the professional knowledge and competencies required for leadership within a particular sector.
  • 2. Create and execute a significant research project resulting in a dissertation that contributes to their respective disciplines.
  • 3. Demonstrate an increasingly mature commitment to an outward-looking vision of organizational, community, and societal transformation through the integration of faith, reason, and justice.
  • 4. Demonstrate knowledge gained in respective concentrations through application of theory in practice
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