The Case for Scholarships in the PhD in Organizational Leadership Program

An initiative from the Board of Fellows of the PhD in Org. Leaderships

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What’s the Vision?
To strengthen a vibrant PhD program that equips scholars and practitioners who demonstrate an increasingly mature commitment to an outward-looking vision of organizational, community, and societal transformation through the integration of faith, reason, and justice.

What are the Assumptions?
1. A vibrant PhD program is characterized by quality students, engaged with exceptional faculty in a dynamic learning community for noble purposes.
2. Some quality students are not able to afford the tuition.
3. Tuition will continue to be the primary source of revenue but strong programs create tuition assistance scholarships which in turn help with long term sustainability.

What’s the History? 
The working adults who qualify to be admitted into the PhD program typically have employment and not always but frequently have help from their respective places of employment to assist with professional development including tuition for graduate work.  Since its inception in 2006, the PhD has been able to attract these students and meet its annual budget without offering any scholarships or discounts for any student.  The one exception is a 75% discount for one student each year who is a full-time employee of Eastern University.  Otherwise no scholarships are offered.

However, throughout the annual admission’s cycle, the admission counselor engages in conversations with students who stop their inquiry short because of the tuition cost.  Some of these students are academically qualified and would be a good fit for Eastern.  Our estimate is that we lose 5-10% of our inquiries due to inability to afford the tuition. The admissions goal is twenty-one new qualified students each year.

What Would Be The Total Endowment to Meet This Goal?
$600,000 - interest on an endowment of this size would generate approximately $30,000 per year, the amount needed to distribute partial scholarships to three students each year.

What’s The Specific Goal?    
Establish a $10,000 scholarship for one student in each new cohort who demonstrates academic merit and economic need.   The scholarship would be renewable each year for three years (the end of their course work) as long as the student makes adequate annual academic progress.

What’s The Total Annual Cost for an Individual Student?
Approximately $25,000 per year including tuition, fees, travel to St. David’s, and accommodations while in residency.  This is approximate because of tuition increases and variation in travel costs.  The $10,000 scholarship would cover approximately 40% of their costs.





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