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Cupid Stories

We have over 900 married alumni couples and we love to hear your Cupid Stories! Here are some of the stories shared about how some of our alumni "found their mate inside Eastern's gate."


I was struggling in German 2, 2nd semester class at 1pm after lunch, when Prof. Margaret Ferré introduced a new freshman student named Elfriede Meissner to join us. I thought, "Oh my, there goes my grade curve from C to F. Soon she was assigned to assist me. Next, we were in the German Club on a trip to NYC, her home, to attend her German church service. I drove the school van and she sat next to me. Our first kiss was on that dark morning as we started off for NYC. Then, after church, lunch at her parents home and, while sitting at the table together and holding hands, her kid sister, whom I had never met, approached us and said, "Mommy doesn't like what is happening under the table, but Daddy does." Needless to say, I passed German 2 and this past year we celebrated our 60th anniversary!
~ LTC (Ret) Frank Jopp '58, MDiv '61 and Elfriede (Meissner) Jopp '59

Dave and I were “thrown together by the alphabet” meaning we were in the same Biology class. My maiden name was Webb and the classes were so small we ended up as lab partners. This also means we dissected a cat together. That makes you really appreciate each other!
~ Libby (Webb) Swingle '59 and Dave Swingle '59

September 10th, 1963 was a hot day, during freshman week, at Eastern. Pool would open only if a licensed lifeguard was available. So I volunteered. Not long into the afternoon I saw an attractive blonde enter the pool area. Hmm. Next 'break' I'd exercise 'lifeguard priority' and introduce myself. Did so and met Lynn Heeren, another freshman at Eastern. We connected, and after a few meals together, an evening at Dr. Grigolia's home in Wayne, and many conversations, we 'became an item'. By the time I graduated from Eastern, and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant of U.S. Marines, we were married and parents of Susan! The rest of our 55 years together are today a blur. Lynn asked me to start calling her Carolyn. We moved to VA & NC before I headed to Vietnam. After that combat tour of duty we lived in CA, then drove back to PA by way of Canada. Went to work for a firm in Conshohocken, then transferred to central Indiana - where we live and work to this day...the two of us, two adult children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren - so far. We all live 'within a few miles' of one another and own interrelated businesses. Yes, September 10th will always be a very special day in my life. Love that woman!

~ George F. Allen '67 and Carolyn (Heeren) Allen '67

Feb. 1970 I received an anonymous Valentine card in my mailbox from a secret admirer. 49 years later we're still in love and will celebrate our 45 wedding anniversary this August.
~ Lee Taylor '72 and Carol (McGuire) Taylor '72

Cathy and I met in the Fall of 1988, her freshman year. I was assigned to be her 'big brother' (thank you Office of Student Life!). We were dating by November of that year and have been together, non-stop, for over 30 years now. Cathy is my best friend, the world's best mother and the light of my life!
~ Steve Clemens '91 and Cathy (Cope) Clemens '92

Steve's version: Rebekah and I met at Eastern in the fall of 1993 and became friends. We had classes together with Dr. Sills. I was in love at first sight so I started going to watch her play soccer and she started coming to watch me play in baseball games. We started dating and became engaged in April of 1995 and married in May of 1996. We are currently married with 2 sons and 1 daughter. I am so blessed to have met such a wonderful Christian woman to marry and have as the mother of my children at Eastern. We will be celebrating 23 years of marriage on May 19th.

Rebekah's version: Cupid certainly struck my heart when I met Steve in Colleen Stuppy’s First Aid Class in the Fall of 1993.   Steve conveniently “left” his textbooks at home, so we often shared many books through our health science classes.  My job in the athletic department kept me informed of all sports. But my eye was especially drawn to the baseball team, of which Steve was a valued player. We enjoyed romantic walks around the beautiful ponds and feeding the ducks. My favorite memory was when my Cupid surprised me with a special milkshake during one of our classes.  That sealed the deal for me and I knew he was the only one for me. God’s plan unfolded perfectly because it was only by His plan that our paths crossed!
~ Steve Storti '94 and Rebekah (Rushton) Storti '96

Holly had joined Transformed! (Eastern's traveling drama ministry) as a lighting tech for the 1998 spring semester. I had been in the group since the fall of 1996. We had gone to a birthday party for one of our group members and had a great time dancing together with our mutual friends, so Holly asked me to the Welcome Back Dance on Saturday, January 24, 1998. We went as friends, had a great time, went to Denny's afterwards. When we got back to campus, I gave her a hug "good-bye" for the night...but we just held each other. It was the best hug I ever experienced before or since. Over the course of an hour, we had made a complete 360-degree rotation, all in a comfortable embrace. We ended up hanging out all night, through the dawn of the next day. Somehow we were awake enough to get to the church the next morning, where Transformed! was performing. She graduated that May. Three years later we were married. The rest is history! Some people have a song...we also have a hug.
~ Tim April '00 and Holly (Szczytko) April '98

We were friends for a few years, and we were both in the same major (Music).
My senior year, my roommate was engaged to his roommate. We spent a lot of time together that year because of it: attending classes together, spending time with our roommates, and getting away from our love-struck roommates! One night, we took a walk together around campus and suddenly everything clicked. We realized our feelings for each other were deeper than friendship. Sadly, it was only a few days before my graduation, so most of our dating relationship ended up being long distance! We will be married for 12 years as of August 2019.
~ Sara (Helinsky) Herman '05 and Kyle Herman '07

We met in English class then fell for each other while attending the Swing Dancing club!
~ Anonymous (Sometime between 2009 and 2013)

Ethan & I were both a part of the Student Chaplain program. When we came back to campus early after summer vacation to begin our training, it was planned that we would be going on a retreat at Camp Icthus. Joe Modica (who later married us) needed someone to drive Ethan to pick up a rental van we would be using to get to the camp so, I volunteered. Joe had given Ethan my number to coordinate how we would meet up to go get the rental van and the rest was history! We soon became close friends and began dating by the end of the school year. We graduated in May of 2016 and were married in July 2017.
~ Maria (Emanuele) Skinner '16 and Ethan Skinner '16




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