Giving to Eastern University

Eastern Baptist College - 1952-1971     Eastern College - 1972-2000     Eastern University - 2001-Present

The tremendous dedication and faith of our founders continues to be a firm foundation as a national leader for Christian higher education.

Like our founders, our donors imagine what Eastern University can be and have faith that we will achieve that vision.  The commitment of this vision makes Eastern University's mission a reality.

Donor support helps the University create a dynamic living and learning community.  It provides opportunity for today's students to establish scholarship through faith, reason and justice, fulfilling Eastern's mission.

Because of our donors' belief in Eastern University, we continue to strive for excellence.  We remain true to our heritage while linking learning and scholarship with leadership and service.  At Eastern University, students have a formative experience that changes them forever.  And they, in turn, change the world forever.


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