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Alumni Authors

Are you an Eastern graduate and a published author?

If so, we are looking for you! The Alumni Office would love to honor your accomplishments by creating a collection in Eastern's Warner Library. Alumni from all of the schools of Eastern are included in this list. If you have written a book or two (or three or more!), please let us know. Be sure to include the title, the names of any co-authors, the publisher, and the date of publication. If you would like to donate a copy of your book, please send it to:

Eastern University
Alumni Office
1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19087

For your reading pleasure, check out our list of alumni authors and their publications:

Carl H. Morgan ThM '29, ThD '32
- John The Baptist, A Neglected Personality (Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1932)

- The Status of Field Work in Protestant Theological Seminaries of the United States (University of Pennsylvania, 1942)
- The Layman's Introduction to the New Testament (Judson Press, 1968)

Norman W. Paullin CERT '29
- In Step With Jesus (Judson Press, 1970)

Gilbert L. Guffin BD '35, ThM '38, ThD '41
- Pastor and Church (Broadman Press, 1955)
- What God Hath Wrought: Eastern's First Thirty-Five Years (editor; Judson Press, 1960)

Alfred L. Murray ThM '37, ThD '39
- Youth's Problem No. 1 (Zondervan, 1938)
- Youth's Courtship Problems (Zondervan, 1940)
Youth's Marriage Problems (Zondervan, 1940)

Gustave A. Gabelman BD '39, ThM '42, ThD '46
- A Minister From Kansas (1993)

Olive Ann (Fountain) McBain BRE '39
- My Friend, Jesus (self-published, 1980)
- Little Star

L. Doward McBain ABThB '43
- Born Again and Living Up to It: Guide to Church Membership (co-author with Lorin McBain '67, MDiv '70; Judson Press, 1976)

George S. Claghorn BD '44
- Aristotle's Criticism of Plato's "Timaeus" (Nijhoff, 1954)
- Mount Up With Wings: A History of Eastern Baptist College (Eastern Baptist College,1962)
- Letters and Personal Writings: The Works of Jonathan Edwards Series, Volume 16 (Yale University Press Press, 1998)

Leslie B. Flynn BD '44
- Did I Say That? (Broadman Press, 1959)
- Me Be Like Jesus? (Victor Books, 1972)
- Great Church Fights: An Input Book (Victor Books, 1976)
- Now a Word from Our Creator (Victor Books, 1976)
- Man, Ruined and Restored (Victor Books, 1978)
- God’s Will: You Can Know It (Victor Books, 1979)
- Joseph: God’s Man in Egypt (Scripture Press Publications, 1979)
- The Gifts of Joy (Victor Books, 1980)
- From Clay to Rock: Personal Insights into Life from Simon Peter (Christian Herald Books, 1981)
- Leader’s Guide: 19 Gifts of the Spirit (Victor Books, 1981)
- What Is Man (Victor Books, 1981)
- You Don’t Have to Go it Alone (Accent Books, 1981)
- The Twelve (Victor Books, 1982)
- Dare to Care Like Jesus (Victor Books, 1983)
- Worship: Together We Celebrate (Victor Books, 1983)
- You Inner You (Victor Books, 1984)
- The Sustaining Power of Hope (Scripture Press Publications, 1985)
- Holy Contradictions (Victor Books, 1987)
- Other Twelve: Valuable Lessons in Ministry from the Partners of the Apostles (Victor Books, 1988)
- When the Saints Come Storming In (Victor Books, 1988)
- Humorous Incidents and Quips for Church Publications (Baker Publishing Group, 1990)
- The Miracles of Jesus (Victor Books, 1990)
- How to Survive In the Ministry (Kregel Publications, 1992)
- Four Faces of Jesus (Kregel Publications, 1993)
- The Master Plan of Prayer (Kregel Publications, 1995)
- My Daughter a Preacher!?! (L.B.Flynn, 1996)
- Jesus in the Image of God: A Challenge to Christlikeness (Magnus Press, 1997)
- What the Church Owes the Jew (Magnus Press, 1998)
- It’s About Time (Pathway Press, 2000)
- Keeping On Keeping On: How to Stay Faithful Serving God (Magnus Press, 2005)
- Thanks! Seeing God’s Word with a Grateful Heart (Magnus Press, 2005)
- Laugh! 17 Reasons to Lighten Up and Laugh More (Magnus Press, 2007)
- 19 Gifts of the Spirit (David C. Cook, 2012)

Emilie Ballard MRE '47
- Lessons in Spoken Burmese Book 1& 2 (Baptist Board of Publications, 1961)
- Say It In Karen 
(Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship, 1993)
- God's Hand Upon Me
(AuthorHouse, 2014)

Robert C. Campbell BD '47, ThM '49, ThD '51
- Great Words of the Faith (American Baptist Board of Education & Publishing, 1965)
- The Gospel of Paul (Judson Press, 1973)
- Jesus Still Has Something to Say (Judson Press, 1987)

Grace (Jones) Moore MRE '50
- All May Be One
- The Advent of Women: 25 Meditations
(Judson Press, 1975)
- The Shalom Hymnal (R&S Print Company, 1979)

Donald Eugene Smith ABThB '51, BD '53
- Nehru and Democracy (Orient Longmans, 1958)
- India as a Secular State (Ulan Press, 1963)
- Religion and Politics in Burma (Princeton University Press, 1965)
- Religion and Political Development (Little, Brown, 1970)
- Religion, Politics, and Social Change in the Third World (editor; Free Press, 1971)
- South Asia Politics and Religion (editor & contributor; Princeton University Press, 1966)
- Anti- Americanism in the Third World (Praeger, 1984)
- Cyril of Serendip: A Novel of Sri Lanka (iUniverse, 2012)

Robert Doran Young ABThB '51
- Encounter With World Religions (Westminster Press, 1970)
- Religious Imagination: God's Gift to Prophets and Preachers
(Westminster John Knox Press, 1979)
- Be Brief About It (Westminster John Knox Press, 1980)

Frederick J. Boehlke Jr. BD '52
- Pierre de Thomas: Scholar, Diplomat, and Crusader (University of Pennsylvania Press,1966)
- From Generation to Generation: A History of Southern Baptists in Pennsylvania/South Jersey (Providence House Publishers, 1996)
- The First 50 Years of Eastern University 1952-2002 (Apple Press Ltd., 2003)

Whalen S. Jones ABThB-MRE '52
- Test, Trials, Blessing, & Victory

William Zulker '53, DMin '78
- John Wanamaker: King of Merchants (Eagle Crest Press, 1993)

Joseph Tatta '55
- Remembrances (2013)

Anthony "Tony" Campolo '56, BD '60, THM '61
- A Denomination Looks at Itself (Judson Press, 1971)
- The Success Fantasy (Victor Press, 1980)
A Reasonable Faith: A Look at Secularism (Word Publishing, 1983)
- Ideas for Social Action: A Handbook on Mission and Service for Young People (Youth Specialties, 1983)
- It's Friday, But Sunday's Comin' (Word Books, 1984)
- We Have Met the Enemy and They are Partly Right (Jarrell, 1985)
- Who Switched the Price Tags? (Word Publishing, 1986)
- Seven Deadly Sins (Victor Press, 1987)
- Growing Up in America: A Sociologist Looks at Youth Ministry (Youth Specialties, 1988)
- 20 Hot Potatoes Christians are Afraid to Touch (Word Publishing, 1988)
- Things We Wish We Had Said: Reflections of a Father and His Grown Son (Word Publishing, 1989)
The Kingdom of God is a Party (Word Publishing, 1990)
- You Can Make a Difference: High Voltage Living in a Burned Out World (Volunteer Management Associates, 1990)
How to be Pentecostal Without Speaking in Tongues (Word Publishing, 1991)
- Wake Up America! Answering God's Radical Call While Living in the Real World (Harper Collins, 1991)
- 50 Ways You Can Feed a Hungry World (InterVarsity Press, 1991)
- Everything You've Heard is Wrong (Word Publishing, 1992)
- How to Rescue the Earth Without Worshiping Nature: A Christians Call to Save Creation (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1992)
- Sociology Through the Eyes of Faith (Harper, 1992)
- The Kingdom of Ticky-tack: Being a Live Christian in a Dead World (Zondervan Publishing House, 1992)
- 50 Ways You Can Help Save the Planet (InterVarsity Press, 1992)
50 Ways You Can Reach the World (InterVarsity Press, 1992)
50 Ways You Can Share Your Faith (InterVarsity Press, 1992)
- Church and the American Teenager: What Works and What Doesn't in Youth Ministry (Zondervan Publishing, 1993)
- The Power Delusion (Victor Press, 1993)
- Stand Up and Be Counted (Marshal Pickering, 1993)
- 50 Ways You be Pro-Life (InterVarsity Press, 1993)
- Carpe Diem: Seize the Day (Word Publishing, 1994)
- You Can Make a Difference (Word Publishing, 1994)
- 101 Ways Your Church Can Change the World: Christians Express the Love of Christ in a Needy World (Regal Books,1994)
Can Mainline Denominations Make a Comeback? (Judson Press, 1995)
- Is Jesus a Republican or Democrat? And 14 Other Polarizing Issues (Word Publishing, 1995)
Following Jesus Without Embarrassing God (Word Publishing, 1997)
- Let Me Tell You a Story: Life Lessons from Unexpected Places and Unlikely People (Word Publishing, 2000)
- Revolution and Renewal: How Churches are Saving Our Cities (Westminster/John Know Press, 2000)
- The Survival Guide for Christians on Campus: How to be Students and Disciples at the Same Time (Howard Publishing, 2002)
- Which Jesus? (Word Publishing, 2002)
- Adventures in Missing the Point: How the Culture Controlled Church Neutered the Gospel (Emergents, 2003)
- Speaking My Mind (Word Publishing, 2004)
- The Church Enslaved (Augsburg Fortress, 2005)
- Everybody Wants to Change the World (Gospel Light Publications, 2006)
- Letters to a Young Evangelical (Basic Books, 2006)
- The God of Intimacy and Action: Reconnecting Ancient Spiritual Practices, Evangelism, and Justice (John Wiley & Sons, 2007)
- A Reasonable Faith (Thomas Nelson, 2008)
- Partly Right: Learning from the Critics of Christianity (Thomas Nelson, 2008)
- Choose Love Not Power: How to Right the World's Wrongs from a Place of Weakness (Gospel Light, 2009)
- Connecting Like Jesus (John Wiley & Sons, 2010)
- Looking Forward: Facing the Future of Christian Leadership (co-author; 2010)
- Stories That Feed Your Soul
(Baker Books, 2010)
- Red Letter Christians: A Citizen's Guide to Faith and Politics (Baker Publishing Group, 2011)
- Small Things with Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor (co-author; IVP Books, 2011)
- Just Money: The Vision of Shalom (co-author; Wipf & Stock Pub, 2012)

- Red Letter Revolution: What if Jesus Really Meant What He Said? (co-author; Nelson, Thomas, Inc., 2012)
- Why I Left / Why I Stayed: Conversations on Christianity Between an Evangelical Father and His Humanist Son (co-author; HarperOne, 2017)

Ruth (Cordle) Hatch '57
- The Stained Glass Fishbowl: Strengthening Clergy Marriages (contributing author; Ministers Council, 1990)

Elizabeth (Hill) Cutting '58
- Oil of Joy (Pleasant Word, 2006)

Dorcas Diaz-Shaner '58, MRE '61
- Short Dreams for the Church (Judson Press, 1980)
- When God Said 'Curtain Up!'

Carol (Hill) Tatta '58
- Parent Quest (co-author)

Paul D. Gehris BD '59
The Teaching Church - Active in Mission (Judson Press, 1987)
Public Policy: Politics at Work for the Common Good (Commision on Religion in Appalachia, 1991)

Howard S. Gifford BD '59, MDiv '82
- A Very Special God Touches a Very Ordinary Guy (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018)

Milton Ryder '59
- The Smallest Christmas Tree (Judson Press, 1981)

Elinor (Banks) Warren '59
- Muffin, Brown Bear, and Me: A Kim's Story-Coloring Book (Red Farm Studio Co., 1977)

James D. Hester '60
- Paul's Concepts of Inheritance: A Contribution to the Understanding of Heilsgeschichte (Oliver & Boyd, 1968)
- Vatican Council II: The New Direction (Translator; Harper & Row, 1968)
- Rhetorics and Hermeneutics (co-author with J. David Hester '83; T&T Clark, 2004)
- Rhetorics in the New Millennium: Promise and Fulfillment  (co-author with J. David Hester '83; T&T Clark, 2010)

John E. Brown BD '61
- The Horrible Blunder of Hog Williams and Other Dramas for Youth (Abingdon Press, 1988)
- Let's Celebrate! Book II (C.S.S. Publications, 1989)

Ronald Hogeland '61
- The Vicinity of God (2011)
- A Sidelong Glance: Passing Reflections on Notable Persons (2012)

Edgar A. Moore '61
- Wow, What a Day! (Abbott Press, 2012)

Roger C. Storms '61
- A History of Parkman: Mainstream Democracy in Parkman, Maine, 1794-1969 (1969)
- A History of Three Corners (1971)
- Partisan Prophets: A History of the Prohibition Party 1854-1972 (1972)

Paul D. Vigyikan '61
- Triangles (Dorrance, 1978)
- Seizing Life's Second Chances (New Amer Library Trade, 1990)
- Moonshine at Midnight (Paul Vigyikan, 2012)
- Twelve Days (Paul Vigyikan, 2012)
- Jonathan (Paul Vigyikan, 2014)
- The Trinket People (Paul Vigyikan, 2015)

Leslie Desmangles '64
- The Faces of Gods: Voodou and Roman Catholicism in Haiti (University of North Carolina Press, 1992)
- Understanding the Contemporary Caribbean (contributing author; Ian Randel Publishers, 2009)

Bonnie A. Helms '64
- 150 Great Books: Synopses, Quizzes, and Tests for Independent Reading (J Weston Walch, 1987)
- 100 More Great Books (J Weston Walch, 1991)
- Great Books for Independent Reading (50 Synopses, Quizzes, Tests and Answer Keys - vol. 2 (J Weston Walch, 1991)
- Great Books for Independent Reading (50 Synopses, Quizzes, Tests and Answer Keys - vol. 3 (J Weston Walch, 1991)
- Great Books for Independent Reading (50 Synopses, Quizzes, Tests and Answer Keys - vol. 4 (J Weston Walch, 1991)

John Hill '64
- Revolutionary Values for a New Millennium (Lexington Books, 2000)
Democracy, Equality & Justice: John Adams, Adam Smith and Political Economy
(reprint of 2000 edition; Lexington Books, 2007)
- Adam Smith’s Equality and the Pursuit of Happiness, (PalgraveMacMillan, 2016)

S. Brian Willson '64
- On Third World Legs (Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co., 1992)
- Blood on the Tracks: The Life and Times of S. Brian Willson (PM Press, 2011)
My Country is the World: Photo Journey of a Stumbling Western Satyagrahi (B&B Books, 2013)
- Don't Thank Me For My Service: My Viet Nam Awakening to the Long History of US Lies (Clarity Press, 2018)

Elizabeth (Hulseman) Morgan '65
- Aeroplane Mirrors: Personal and Political Reflectivity in Post-Colonial Women's Novels (Heinemann Press, 2001)
- Going Home: Building Peace in El Salvadore: The Story of Repatriation (Apex Press, 1992)
- Global Poverty and Personal Responsibility (Paulist Press, 1989)
- Home is Where You're Going: Crossing Borders and Risking Solidarities Through Women's Studies (Heart and Lungs Press, 2005)
- Writing as Discovery (Winthrop Publishers, 1976)

Dale V. Slaght '65
- Roll Away the Stone... Lazarus: The Rest of the Story (Xulon Press, 2015)
- A Tale of Two Cultures: Then / Now (Xulon Press, 2017)

Helen (Johnson) Sunday '65
- Unexpected Conversations: Whispers From God Through Friends and Angels (2017)

Donald McLaren '66, MAR '69
- What She Felt (PublishAmerica, 2005)

Mary (Naylor) Mild '66
- Women at the Well: Meditations on Healing and Wholeness (editor; Judson Press, 1996)

Robert L. Muse '66
- The Book of Revelation: An Annotated Bibliography (Routledge, 1996)

Edythe (Sink) West '66
- 201 Icebreakers: Group Mixers, Warm-Ups, Energizers, and Playful Activities (McGraw-Hill, 1996)

- The Big Book of Icebreakers: Quick, Fun Activities for Energizing Meetings and Workshops (McGraw-Hill, 1999)

George F. Allen '67
- Landlease Community Management (
PMN Publishing, 1988, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2008, 2014)
- Development, Marketing, & Operation of Manufactured Home Communities (co-author; J.Wiley & Sons, Co., 1994)
- How to Find, Buy, Manage, & Sell a Manufactured Home Community (J.Wiley & Sons, Co., 1996 & 1998)
- Chapbook of Business and Management Wisdom (PMN Publishing, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2014)
Manufactured Housing $$$ Primer (PMN Publishing, 2010)
- Landlease Communities, Manufactured Home Communities, Mobile Home Parks, Trailer Court & Camps, and Affordable Housing (PMN Publishing, 2011)
- Land-Lease-Lifestyle Communities, Manufactured Home Communities (PMN Publishing, 2011)
- Collection of Figurative Language & Figures of Speech (PMN Publishing, 2011 & 2015)
- Book of Formulae, Rules of Thumb, & Helpful Measures for LLLCommunities & HUD-Code Manufactured Housing (PMN Publishing, 2012)
- The First 20 Years! (co-author; PMN Publishing, 2013)
- Chapbook of Prayers (PMN Publishing, 2015)
- Swan Song: George Allen's History of the Land Lease Community Real Estate Asset Class (1970-Present Day) (COBA7, 2917)

Marilyn (Cromptom) Burson '67
- Biblical Servanthood: Recovering the Lost Art of Serving (ECS Ministries, 2006)
- Run the Race: Studies from Hebrews, Chapter 11 and 12 (ECS Ministries, 2006)
- To God Be the Glory: A Study of Paul's Letters to the Ephesians (ECS Ministries, 2008)

Carol (Chandler) Malcarney '67
- Liberty Street: World War II Correspondence between Janice Y. Chandler and Alfred G. Chandler M.D. (Xlibris, 2015)

Lorin D. McBain '67, MDiv '70
- Born Again and Living Up to It: Guide to Church Membership (co-author with L. Doward McBain ABThB '43; Judson Press, 1976)

Jo Ann (Gundlach) Sherbine '68
- Follow Jesus and Watch His Miracles (BookSurge Publishing, 2006)
- Eavesdropping on Jesus' Life (AuthorHouse, 2008)

Joan (Parker) Frizzell '69
- Pathophysiology: Introductory Concepts and Clinical Perspectives (co-author; F.A. Davis & Company, 2016)

John Zehring '69
- Get Your Career in Gear: How To Find or Change Your Lifework (Victor Books, 1976)
- Zehring's Quick Guide to Resume Writing: How To Do It Effectively (1978)
- Careers in State and Local Government (Garrett Park Press, 1980)
- IMPLICATIONS: Case Studies for Ethical and Spiritual Development (Friends United Press, 1980)
- Making Your Life Count: Finding Fulfilment Beyond Your Job (Judson Press, 1980)
- Preparing for Work  (Victor Books, 1981 - selected by GROUP Magazine for their 1982 "Book of the Year" Award)
- The Clergy Journal (co-author; Church Management, 1984)
- Public Speaking for Executives, Leaders, & Managers (Garrett Park Press, 1985)
- WORKING SMART: The Handbook for New Managers (Garrett Park Press, 1985)
- How To Work Smarter, Not Harder: A Manuel for Development Officers (Third Sector Press, 1986)
- You Can Run a Capital Campaign: A Guide for Church Leaders  (Abington Press, 1989)
- Psalm 23: An Everyday Psalm  (Abington Press, 1990)
- By the Golden Rule: Torture is Always Wrong (2014)
- Did He Hit Her? A Compassionate Christian Response to Abusive Relationships (2014)
- To Know God Better and To Love God More: Messages for Your Spiritual Journey (2014)
- What the Bible Says About Homosexuality: A Bible Study for Progressive People of Faith (CreateSpace, 2014)

- Clergy Guide to Making Visits (Createspace, 2015)
- Clergy Guide to Sermon Preparation (CreateSpace, 2015)
- Clergy Negotiating Guide: Don't Sell Yourself Short (2015)
- Clergy Public Speaking Guide: Improve What You Already Do Well (CreateSpace, 2015)
- Jesus' Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5,6, and 7 (CreateSpace, 2015)
- Mount Up With Wings: Renew Your Strength 
(CreateSpace, 2015)
- The One Minute Beatitude: A Brief Review of Jesus' Beatitudes (CreateSpace, 2015)
- Seven Mantras to Shape Your Day: Bible Verses to Improve How You See Things
(CreateSpace, 2015)

- Treasures from Philippi: GEMS for You from the Epistle to the Phillippians (CreateSpace, 2015)
- Visiting on Behalf of Your Church: A Guide for Deacons, Care Teams, and Those Who Visit  (2015)
- Anxious? A Booklet of Bible Verses for When You Feel Anxious (co-author; CreateSpace, 2016)

- Beyond Stewardship: A Church Guide to Generous Giving Campaigns (Judson Press, 2016)
- Favorite Parables from Jesus of Nazareth (CreateSpace, 2016)
- Clergy Quick Guide to Encouraging Leaders and Staff. Also...Evaluating Staff and Evaluating Yourself (KD Publishing, 2017)
- Clergy Quick Guide to Time Management (KD Publishing, 2017)
- Eulogies, Introductions, and Special Occasion Speeches: Tips for When You are Asked to Speak Well of Another (CreateSpace, 2017)
- Hard Sayings of Jesus: Discussions for Curious Christians (KD Publishing, 2017)
- Lent Discussions for Curious Christians: Conversations in the Purple Season (CreateSpace, 2017)
- Pastoral Leadership and Church Administration (KD Publishing, 2017)

- Treasures from Galatia: GEMS for You from the Epistle to the Galatians (CreateSpace, 2017)
- Treasures from James: GEMS for You from the Epistle of James (KD Publishing, 2017)

- Asking for Campaign Support: A Guide for Church Volunteers (KD Publishing, 2018)
- Get Your Church Ready to Grow: A Guide to Building Attendance and Participation
(Judson Press, 2018)
- The Great I AM (KD Publishing, 2018)
- Is Not This the Carpenter? A Peek at His Nazareth Workshop (KD Publishing, 2018)
- Miracles? Discussions for Curious Christians about Jesus' Miracles (KD Publishing, 2018)
- Treasures from Proverbs: GEMS for You from the Book of Proverbs (KD Publishing, 2018)
- Treasures from Rome: GEMS for You from the Epistle to the Romans (KD Publishing, 2018)

Richard Haviland '68, MAR '70
- Did You Ever Get to Edinburgh? (Inifinity Publishing, 2005)

Carolivia Herron '69
- Thereafter Johnnie (Random House, 1991)
- Selected Works of Angelina Ward Grimke (co-author; Oxford University Press,1991)

- Nappy Hair (Dragonfly Books, 1998)
- Little Georgia and the Apples (AuthorHouse, 2006)
- Always an Olivia (Kar-Ben Publishing, 2007)
- Asenath and the Origin of Nappy Hair: Being a Collection of Tales Gathered and Extracted from the Epic Stanzas of Asenath and Our Song of Songs
(Street To Street Epic Publications, 2014)
- Peacesong DC: A Jewish Africana Academia Epic Tale of Washington City
(Street To Street Epic Publications, 2016)

Robert Ulle '70
- Conscience in Crisis: Mennonites and Other Peace Churches in America 1739-1789

Jean Morse McIntire '71
- Meditations for Church Musicians (co-author; Covenant Books, 2018)

Lynda Crim '72
- Lydia, Book 1 in the Basketball Baby Series (OakTara, 2013)

Earl Roberts III '72
- Poems in the Key of Grief

Blake E. Edwards '73
- Quiet Warriors: Military Service Memories

Marcia Patton MAR '73, MDiv '84
- Intentionally Inclusive 
(Judson Press, 2016)

John A. Preston '74
- Hey, That Was Off The Record! (Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2010)

William H. Griffith DMin '75
- Confronting Death
(Judson Press, 1977)
More Than A Parting Prayer: Lessons in Care Giving for the Dying (Judson Press, 2005)
- T
ears In A Bottle: Learning How to Grieve Well
- 8 Questions Jesus Asked: Discipleship for Leaders (Judson Press, 2017)

David Bradstreet '76
Star Struck: Seeing the Creator in the Wonders of our Cosmos (co-author; Zondervan, 2016)

Mary (De Cottes) Cantelope (Mary Cantell) '78
- Heavenly Company (contributing author; Guideposts, 2012)
- I Choose You
(contributing author; OakTara, 2012)
- Her Glass Heart
(OakTara, 2013)
- I Believe in Healing (contributing author; Regal, 2013)
- Mysterious Ways (contributing author; Guideposts, 2016)
- Untying the Shadows (Electio Publishing, 2018)
- Beyond the Roses (The Wild Rose Press, 2018)

Marlene Walters MDiv '78, DMin '80
- Virtual Grace (Xlibris Corporation, 2005)
- Through Stained Glass (Tate Publishing, 2014)

Jeanne Marie (Wamsley) Beaumont '79
- Placebo Effects (Norton, 1997)
- Curious Conduct (BOA Editions, 2004)
- Burning of the Three Fires (BOA Editions, 2010)
- Letters from Limbo (CavanKerry Press, 2016)

Pamela C. Powell '79
- Then and Now Chester County (co-author; Arcadia Publishing, 2004)
- Reflected Light: A Century of Photography in Chester County (Chester Historical Society, 1989)

Bruce Reed Pullen DMin '79
- Discovering Celtic Christianity: Its Roots, Relationships, and Relevance (Twenty-Third Publications, 1999)
- Profiles in Faith: Discovering Baptist Beginnings (Infinity Publishing, 2006)
- Discovering Celtic Christianity: Ten Celtic Christians You Should Know (2012)
- Discovering Baptist Beginnings: Ten Baptists You Should Know (2013)
- Discovering the Prophets in the Old Testament (2013)
- Discovering Paul in the Letters to the Thessalonians (2015)
- Discovering the Good News: In Paul's Letter to the Philippians (2015)
- Discovering Justice in the Bible (2016)

Reignette Chilton '80
- Lincoln's Greatcoat: The Unlikely Odyssey of a Presidental Relic  (McFarland & Co., 2019)

Howard Stevenson '80
- Stickin' To, Watchin' Over, and Gettin' With: An African American Parent's Guide to Discipline  (co-author; Jossey-Bass, 2001)
- Black Educational Choice: Assessing the Private and Public Alternative to Traditional K-12 Public Schools (editor; Praeger, 2011)
- Playing With Anger: Teaching Coping Skills to African American Boys Through Athletics and Culture (Praeger, 2003)
- Promoting Racial Literacy In Schools: Differences That Make A Difference (Teachers College Press, 2013)

Gary Goodell MAR '81, DMin '83
Heavenly Tongues or Earthly Languages: What the Bible says about speaking in tongues. (Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, MO,1989)

Brenda Loux '81
- If Heaven Touches Earth: Stories of Christmas (Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016)

Bryan Stevenson '81
- Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption (Spiegel & Grau, 2015)
- America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a New America (Brazos Press, 2016)

Adele deGregoris MDiv '82
- Delays Are Not Denials
- One More Way...To Receive an Answer to Prayer
- Set Yourself Free
- Three Things You Need to Know

Gary S. Giles '82
- Wondabubba and the Big Splash! (Joshua Tree, 2018)

John Hallock '82
- The American Byron: Homosexuality and the Fall of Fitz-Greene Halleck
(University of Wisconsin Press, 2000)

Emilio Marrero '82, MDiv '85
- A Quiet Reality: A Chaplain's Journey into Babylon Iraq with the I Marine Expeditionary Force (Faith Walk Publishing, 2009)

Clive E. Neil '82
- Unleashing the Truth: How to be Intimate With God (Find the Wave Publications, 1996)
- Dancing With Danger: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities (Find the Wave Publications, 1997)
- Breaking Through: Developing Healthy Relationships (The Wine Press, 1996)

Brad Berglund MDiv '83
- Reinventing Sunday: Breakthrough Ideas for Transforming Worship (Judson Press, 2001)
- Reinventing Worship: Prayers, Readings, Special Services, and More (Judson Press, 2006)

Jeanette (Stanley) Brewster '83
- Endurance: Going The Distance From The Valley To The Mountaintop (co-author; Creative Life Publishing & Learning Institute, 2017)

James A. Brix DMin '83
- One Flesh Marriage: God Speaks to the Generations (Agape Publishers, 1999)

William L. "Rocky" Brown MAR '83
- 800 Sayings By Old Folks Who Raised Us (Xlibris US, 2016)

Donna (Gillenardo) Duffy '83
- Smart Women Know Their Why (contributing author; Butterfly Women Press, 2010)
- Inspired Women Succeed (contributing author; Vervante, 2011)
- Embracing Autumn: A Motivational Field Guide for Midlife Women Entrepreneurs (Life Branches Press, 2015)

J. David Hester '83
- Rhetorics in the New Millennium: Promise and Fulfillment  (co-author; T&T Clark, 2010)

Michael Krigline '83
- Successful Writing for the Real World

Heather (Miller) Lagace '83
- Family Meetings Curriculum (2008)
- Growing Into A Healthier Relationship (2010)
- We Cannot Give our Children What We Do Not Have For Ourselves (2013)

Caroline Oceana Ryan (Carol Short) '83
- An Old Castle Standing on a Ford: One Yank's Life in an Almost Peaceful Belfast (Eloquent Books, 2010)

John Whitehead '83
- Appraising The Graduate: The Mike Nicholas Classic and Its Impact in Hollywood (McFarland and Co., 2011)

Virginia (Frendzel) Ayers '84
- Interpersonal Therapy for Group (co-author; Basic Books, 2000)

Will Schirmer '84
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